Curt and Kelly

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Our Story

Our Story (Kelly’s Perspective)
Our senior year of high school, Curt and I figured out we would both be attending college at OU and in the same school of journalism and communications. We exchanged numbers and decided to enroll in the same introduction class. We ended up being in the same Intro to Media class, discussion, and Spanish I classes! The beginning of our freshman year, we would walk to and from classes together. We would also occasionally get lunch at the Union between classes.

Curt joined BYX and invited me to the first date party of the semester, Backwoods. I told him that I would love to go with him as friends. We went to dinner in Oklahoma City and two stepped the night away. Curt impressed me with his stellar two stepping moves!

Spring semester rolled around and Curt asked me to the last date party of the year, BYX at the Ballpark. After the date party, Curt asked me on our first date. We went to Rusty’s Custard and to a park in Norman. It was a great date and Curt was the perfect gentleman, but I really just saw him as a good friend!

After politely declining a second date, Curt and I began to spend even more time together! I started having feelings for Curt, but I decided to wait and tell him because he was leaving to work at Kanakuk Kamps all summer. The whole summer we exchanged letters via snail mail and I would anxiously await FaceTime calls from Curt during his days off.

After Curt returned from Kanakuk, I told him that I would like to start dating. The rest is history!

Our Story (Curt’s Perspective)
Kelly and I have known of each other since Middle School, but it wasn’t until our senior year of high school that we shared any interactions with each other. I remember sitting in Ms. Alford’s AP statistics review session when I partnered up with Kelly. I realized we were both going to the University of Oklahoma, and I thought she was cute. We exchanged contact info and went our separate ways.

Fast forward to the fall semester of 2017, Kelly and I were in 8 hours of class together each week. We shared many lunches as friends and she even came to a date party or two. I finally mustered the courage to ask her out after a date party during the spring semester. We went on a date, but Kelly decided she simply liked us better as friends. A wise friend spoke some truth to me and told me that if I was really the man I said I was, I would still be a friend to her even if she did not have feelings for me.

After a summer of writing letters and late night FaceTimes on my time off from Kanakuk, I still felt very strongly for her. I sought wise counsel from my PaPaw who told me to keep after her if I cared for her the way I said I did. When she arrived home in Dallas, we went to have coffee and to my delight, Kelly told me her feelings had changed and she wanted to start dating. I asked her to be my girlfriend under the stars next to the pond at the Oklahoma City botanical gardens after our first date. That spot turned out to be a pretty special place for us.

Engagement (Kelly’s Perspective)
In late November, Curt and I planned a double date with his younger brother, Ethan. The plan was to meet at the OKC Myriad Gardens to go ice skating and end the night with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. It sounded like the perfect double date to me! Around this time, I was beginning to get slightly suspicious because I knew a proposal might be coming soon. However, I began to shake those thoughts because I was thrown off by the date being on a Monday and it being a double date.

After arriving at the Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City, Curt told me that we were not going ice skating after all…He walked me to the spot where he asked me to be his girlfriend. There was a blanket with flowers, candles, and a bible with “Kelly Watson” engraved on it. Curt said a bunch of sweet words and popped the question!

Engagement (Curt’s Perspective)
I knew I wanted to marry Kelly Rose about a month into dating her. The two years that followed were merely affirmation of that desire. I knew Kelly wanted plenty of time to plan our wedding, and I was hoping for a summer wedding. Kelly also told me she wanted to get engaged starting in December, so naturally, I asked her on the last day of November.

I bought the ring and had one of the more nerve wracking conversations of my life with her father. With his blessing in hand and a ring in my possession, I started planning the proposal. I invoked the help of my roommates Parker and Spencer with the assistance of the Party Planning Committee (Erin, Cassidy, my mom, and Kelly’s mom). The date was set for November 30th, and Kelly believed we were going ice skating with my younger brothers and one of their dates.

We arrived at the botanical gardens right next to the ice skating rink, and I informed Kelly we were not going ice skating after all. I led her down the steps to the pond where I asked her to be my girlfriend more than two years prior. I got down on one knee, and I asked her to be my wife. She said yes, and we got to spend some really sweet time praying together before going off to spend the evening celebrating with friends and family. It was the perfect evening!
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